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Pokémon Go is the most popular video game of the summer . Millions of players are already on the hunt for the rarest Pokemon, and while some dominate fully each of the mechanics of the game, others may not end to understand what the goal of Pokémon Go or how it evolves monsters . In this guide we explain the basics of the popular video game augmented reality .

What is the goal of the game?

pokemongo tricks

The main task of Pokémon Go cheats  is to capture the 151 original species, however, finding them is not easy. The game works with geolocation and Google maps, which distributes the location of pokémon depending on the geography of each place . The water pokémon are more common in areas with coasts or lakes, while in the cities can be found several of earth, rock or normal type.

In addition to capturing Pokémon, other objectives are visiting poképaradas and gyms . In the first points items for the game are obtained , as Pokeballs, revive or potions. On the other hand, in gyms you fight against other Pokémon trainers; the goal is to reduce the level of prestige of every gym to zero in order to claim it for one of three teams: red, yellow or blue.

How do I find Pokémon?

pokemon go tricks2

Pokemon appear randomly on the game map. Because it uses geolocation, the game encourages the player to leave in search of new species, however,  some items that increase the chance of finding pokémon . The first of these items is ” incense “, a scent that attracts pokémon used to the location of the player for half an hour .. The second is ” bait module ” a bait that adheres to a poképarada attracting monsters to that point for 30 minutes.

We strongly recommend placing bait modules in the nearest poképarada any recurring site; us, for example, we have a deal with the drafting and have captured dozens of pokémon go cheats without taking a single step using this method.

Can you search for a specific pokémon?

No, but yes you can know what pokémon’s near an area . The game screen has a box located in the lower right corner shows what pokémon’s nearby; you can track down one of those pokémon pressing on it. The footprints shown below each pokémon indicate how far is; we know that three footprints means that the pokémon is within distance of 1 kilometer, two prints at 100 meters, 10 and none that is really close, however, no consensus on the equivalence distance of each track.

How to catch pokémon?

To catch pokémon have to make a pokeball impact the monster. Although one of the main attractions of the game is the use of cell phone camera to display images in augmented reality, we suggest disable the pokémon because doing so stays at a single point, facilitating their capture. It also should be noted that the game awards bonus experience points if a pokeball “style” is launched. The trick is to turn the pokebola before releasing, this will have an effect identifiable “curve ball” with a flash; the release adds an effect “quirk”, so please throw from either end of the screen.If a curve ball is thrown the game gives an additional bonus of 10 points.

The game also awards bonus points if the pokebola thrown into the center of the ring surrounding each pokémon.This ring usually appears in three colors: green, indicating a simple catch; orange, suggesting an additional effort, and red, pokémon difficult to catch. There are also items that facilitate the capture pokémon go cheats. Upon reaching level 12 the game rewards the player with Great Balls, while at level 20 unlock Ultra Balls, you Pokeballs with better chances of catching. Another useful item is the razz berries, reassuring a wild pokémon increased the likelihood of capture

How to evolve them?

Pokemon evolve an item called “candy pokémon”. These sweets are obtained by capturing a pokémon, but each species gives the same type of candy, so to evolve to pokémon must catch the same species on several occasions.Pokémon usually ask 12, 25, 50 or 100 candies to evolve, except Magikarp, which requires 400 to become Gyarados.

How to level up ?

While pokémon can raise their level of PC (Cpts), each coach can level, and in so doing get new items for your adventure. All activities are performed in the game experience points awarded from capturing or evolve Pokémon, hatching eggs, visit poképaradas or fight gym.

While gaining experience depends on how much time is devoted to the game, there are some tips and items that speed up the process. The item “Eggs luck” gives double experience obtained for a period of 30 minutes. Our suggestion is to use one of these items in any poképarada in which was used a bait module; Pokemon constantly appear and grant each capture double experience.

How gyms work?

Pokémon Go cheats gyms  function as a point of interaction between players. There they can put their best pokémon fight, however, it is necessary to fight to have reached level 5 and belong to one of three teams in the game (Red, Yellow and Blue).

After satisfying these requirements, gyms can challenge rival teams to reduce their level of prestige and eventually claim his control. Each who emerges victorious from a fight gym the game rewards the player with experience and pokemonedas, the currency used in the game and with which you can buy more items. Gyms team itself can also challenge yourself, if only amicably.

As fits the fighting, the action is fairly simple. Each Pokémon has two attacks, one simple, it can be used continuously if a screen and again pressed, and a more powerful, which is activated by letting down the screen after the power bar fills pokemon. On the other hand, slide your finger left or right to dodge allows special attacks, a tactic that every teacher must master pokémon.